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That new-car smell is not the only reason you bought a new vehicle. You wanted hassle-free driving in a safe, reliable automobile. Having to bring that new car repeatedly to the manufacturer for repairs is not only frustrating – it might also mean you have a valid lemon law claim.

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Lemon Law Protections

The California Lemon Law requires manufacturers to live up to their warranty agreements. If they cannot repair the problem that’s covered by the warranty, then they must replace or repurchase the faulty vehicle. The consumer’s responsibility is to give the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to rectify the issue (more on that later).

Lemon law protection extends only to motor vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Qualifying vehicles include cars, pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, and boats.

Not all vehicle complaints are eligible for lemon law protection in Pasadena. The issue must pose a safety risk, hinder the use of the vehicle, or lower the car’s value.

Reasonable Attempts to Repair the Problem

The fact that a new car breaks down does not in and of itself make the car a lemon. The vehicle may only be presumed to be a lemon in certain circumstances.

Your vehicle may be considered a lemon if:

  • You notified the manufacturer about the problem if required by the warranty or owner’s manual
  • You have taken the vehicle in for repair by the manufacturer at least four times for the same problem and it still is not fixed
  • If the problem is significant enough to cause injury or death, then the number of repair attempts needed drops from four to two
  • The vehicle has been out for repairs for more than 30 days (not necessarily consecutively)

If one or more of the above elements are satisfied, you are presumed to have a lemon. Manufacturers must then either replace your vehicle or repurchase it. They must also compensate you for other related expenses such as licensing, taxes, and rental cars.

CA Lemon Law Firm Focuses Only on Lemon Law

California lemon laws are complicated and require an attorney with a successful track record of helping clients for more than a decade. Our Pasadena lemon law attorneys have a deep understanding of federal and state lemon laws. This experience and knowledge prepare us to fight for your rights, whether by negotiating a fair settlement or taking the case to court.

If the manufacturer does not honor its obligations, you may have a lemon law claim. Call (818) 960-1550 today!

Evolution of the California Lemon Law

The original California Lemon Law was enacted in 1970. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, found in CA Civil Code Section 1790-1795.8, requires manufacturers to keep the promises they make to their customers. The law was strengthened in 1982 with the passing of the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, which added guidelines on what the law covers and how the law should be applied.

Until the year 2000, the lemon law only covered purchases made for “personal, family, or household use.” Vehicles used by small business owners, contractors, real estate agents, and others were left out. Individual entrepreneurs and small businesses with up to five vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds are also now protected.

Origin of the Term “Lemon”

There are several theories on why we use “lemon” to describe a product that does not work as it should. Lemon in this modern context might be a holdover from early 20th-century American slang. Someone who was considered a fool was called a lemon. The term was also used in British slang. A hustler who pretended to be a poor player to swindle the competition played a lemon game. The Brits also used lemon to describe an inferior object that was passed off as good.

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