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Lemon Law Qualifications in California

What Is California Lemon Law?

The Song-Beverly Warranty Act, also known as the California Lemon Law, applies to automobile manufacturers who sell their cars to consumers in the State of California. When a new car is sold or leased in the State of California, it is covered by an express warranty, so if there are problems, the manufacturer or authorized dealer must repair the faulty vehicle and make it conform to the warranty. Otherwise, they must either replace the lemon with a comparable vehicle or buy it back from the consumer.

Understanding Eligibility for a  California Lemon Law Case

There is some subjectivity in determining the extent to which your vehicle qualifies for compensation. For example, if you own a vehicle that has a five-year warranty and you file your claim three years into that time frame, you squarely fall under the lemon law. However, the manufacturer can still whittle down the compensation they must provide if your vehicle has been put to consistent use and has racked up a large number of miles. That being said, there are some relatively set criteria that your vehicle must meet in order to be eligible.

California lemon law qualifications mean that the vehicle in question must:

  • Still be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • Have been brought to an authorized dealer or manufacturer for repairs a reasonable number of times
  • Have a recurring issue that is proven to either impair full functionality of the vehicle, present a real threat to safety while the vehicle is in operation, or take away a significant portion of the value of the vehicle

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What is the California Lemon Law Time Limit?

The time limit or statute of limitations to file a Lemon Law claim in California is four years. The California lemon law time limit starts when the consumer first experienced warrantable problems with their vehicle. If four years go by, and the Lemon Law claim has not been made, then you will be barred from pursuing a claim.

Even though consumers have a four year time limit with California's lemon law, it is important to act sooner rather than later with their claim. Postponing or delaying a lemon law claim can have negative affects on the overall outcome. It is important that a consumer can establish their vehicle meets the legal definition of a lemon in order to qualify for the lemon law buyback.

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We Can Protect Your Rights Under CA Lemon Law

To protect the nearly perfect reputation we have built for ourselves, our CA Lemon Law Firm only takes on clients that we feel have truly valid claims. Through this commitment, we have secured the respect of our colleagues, clients, and even the very manufacturers we fight against. Before we can partner with you to pursue your claim, we must first determine if your faulty vehicle meets the California lemon law eligibility parameters.

We Are Specifically Qualified to Represent You

Some firms draw attention to the size and scale of their practice to claim they are better equipped to take on your claim. However, most law firms fail to take lemon law cases all that seriously and give them only a portion of their time and focus. Our firm exclusively prosecutes lemon law claims and boasts a lineup of attorneys who are each extraordinarily well versed in every aspect and application of federal and California state lemon laws.

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