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What Makes a Car a Lemon in California?

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Buying a car requires saving, extensive researching, arranging for financing, and getting insurance. It can be deeply frustrating to go through that process and end up with a lemon that requires constant repair. A lemon is a vehicle (sometimes new) that has several manufacturing defects and is constantly being taken and kept at repair shops or dealerships due to issues that threaten the car’s safety.

The issues often compromise proper functioning and overall safety of the vehicle, as well as costing you an excessive amount of unnecessary fees and costs. At CA Lemon Law Firm, we handle these types of claims alone and have become highly adept at identifying which cars qualify and recognizing the most common problems that arise with lemons.

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Types of "Lemons" Under Lemon Law

The three main categories of vehicles considered lemons are:

  • Manufacturer buybacks – A vehicle that has a major problem acknowledged by the manufacturer which they bought back from the purchaser as a response. Vehicle sellers are required by law to tell a buyer if they’re buying a manufacturer buyback, but many sellers fail to do so.
  • A type of car with the same major design flaw – Vehicles that have one or more problems due to poor design that typically becomes apparent after 2-3 years of operation, often occurring throughout the entirety of a certain model year.
  • A single car with the same, constant problem – A vehicle that has an issue that cannot be or remain fixed. Usually, this problem is specific to the individual vehicle rather than a whole model and is, therefore, harder to discover.

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