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If you own a vehicle that has been in the repair shop or dealership an excessive amount of time due to safety issues, it could be a lemon. There is a California lemon law in place to help you hold the manufacturer who sold you the faulty vehicle accountable. However, this area of law is often misunderstood, causing many people to fail to secure the compensation to which they are entitled. 

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How Does the Lemon Law Work in California?

The Song-Beverly Warranty Act, or California Lemon Law, holds manufacturers selling their vehicles to consumers in California accountable to the contract that accompanies each of their sales. If the manufacturer or authorized dealer is unable to repair your faulty vehicle to the standard detailed in the provided warranty, they must either replace or repurchase the lemon. Our driving aim is to help consumers throughout California who find themselves in the unfortunate predicament of being in possession of a lemon. Large, established manufacturers and their authorized dealers are skilled at avoiding liability and pinning any defect back on the car’s current owner: you. We are not willing to let that happen.

Lemon Law Myths & Facts

Does California Have Lemon Laws for Used Cars?

Myth: Lemon Law Only Applies to New Cars.

Fact: Perhaps the most common myth is that California lemon laws only apply to vehicles that were purchased new. This is false. Even used vehicles may be eligible for a lemon law claim.

Does Lemon Law Apply to Leased Vehicles?

Myth: Lemon Law Doesn’t Apply to Leased Cars.

Fact: New, used, purchased, and leased vehicles are all covered under lemon law as long as the vehicle is still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

What Is Covered Under Lemon Law?

Myth: The Vehicle Must Be In Perfect Condition to Be Covered Under Lemon Law

Fact: Another myth is that the vehicle in question must be in a relatively untouched state in order to be considered a lemon.

However, your car may qualify even if:

  • You have modified certain parts of the vehicle
  • It is outside of the warranty’s timeframe but you believe the issue may have occurred before that deadline
  • Your vehicle is currently operating well but has a history of a recurring issue you must constantly fix

Myth: If the Warranty Expires, Lemon Law Will Not Cover a Vehicle.

Fact: A problem may arise during the warranty period but may not be repaired until after the warranty has expired. If this has happened to you, you may still be able to seek compensation under lemon laws. It is best to speak to a lawyer to determine your legal options.

Myth: You Can No Longer File a Lemon Law Claim Once Your Vehicle Is Fixed.

Fact: You may still be able to take legal action if your vehicle has been fixed. If there is still a chance that the issue could return in the future, it may be wise to speak to an attorney and ensure your rights are protected.

Myths Concerning the Cost of a Lawyer

Myth: I Can’t Afford to Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer.

Fact: At CA Lemon Law Firm, we often work on a contingency basis, meaning our clients do not need to make any upfront payments. Once we settle a case, the defendants are responsible for paying most fees and costs. This means that it could cost you absolutely nothing to retain us. Our firm only prosecutes these claims and is well versed on California lemon law civil codes. Put our exemplary track record of success to work for you. You can also see how we've helped others by reading testimonials and viewing case results. We're here to help!

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