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What Is California Lemon Law?

Consumers who have bought or leased a new or used car with significant flaws that are still present after a reasonable number of attempts are protected by the California Lemon Law. At CA Lemon Law Firm we offer expert lemon law services to clients in Westlake Village. We can assist if you think you're stuck with a "lemon."

Comprehensive Lemon Law Services in Westlake Village

CA Lemon Law Firm has an established track record in successfully handling lemon law cases. We'll guide you through every step of the process, from understanding if your vehicle qualifies as a "lemon" under California law, filing the necessary paperwork, negotiating with manufacturers, and representing you in court if necessary.

We deal with:

  • New Car Lemons
  • Used Car Lemons
  • Rented Vehicle Lemons
  • Leased Vehicle Lemons
  • RVs and Motorhomes

Your Rights Under California Lemon Law

You might be eligible for a reimbursement or a replacement car from the manufacturer if your car meets the requirements of the state's lemon laws. It's crucial to remember that most RVs, trucks, cars, and motorcycles are subject to this law. It is CA Lemon Law Firm's responsibility to protect your rights.

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Criteria for a Lemon Vehicle in California

In California, a vehicle may be deemed a lemon if it has an unreasonable number of repairs during the warranty period or is out of service for over 30 cumulative days due to these defects. This applies to new and used vehicles with a manufacturer's warranty. California’s Lemon Law Presumption sets criteria for what constitutes reasonable repair attempts.

Defining Reasonable Repair Attempts in California

  • The manufacturer or dealer has not resolved the issue after four or more efforts.
  • If your vehicle has had at least two unsuccessful repair attempts, it may pose a risk of death or serious bodily injury.
  • The car has been in the shop for at least 30 days (not consecutively) for warranty repairs. 

Identifying Substantial Vehicle Defects

Substantial safety-related defects are issues with a vehicle that pose serious risks to driver and passenger safety. These may compromise the vehicle's normal operation, potentially leading to accidents or injury.

Examples of substantial safety may include:

  • Malfunctioning brakes
  • Faulty airbags
  • Steering failures
  • Electrical problems that could result in a fire

Recognizing these significant faults is crucial as they can justify a vehicle being classified as a "lemon" if not adequately repaired within a reasonable number of attempts as stipulated by applicable CA lemon laws.

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